Trieste, 12 July 2017 – Western Balkan Heads of Government on the WBCTi and the IISG

At yesterday’s summit in Trieste, the leaders of the Western Balkan countries focused on the fight against terrorism, extremism, radicalization and organised crime. Their declaration emphasised that “countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism and radicalization leading to violence are common threats, requiring a tailor-made approach, based on the understanding of local realities and the wider regional framework of cooperation”. They also expressed their commitment to engaging with civil society and local communities; co-operating with detention facilities; building alternative and positive narratives to counter extremist ideological influences; fostering collaboration within the EU’s Radicalization Awareness Network.

In this regard, they welcomed the further support given to the Western Balkan Counter-Terrorism initiative (WBCTi) and the Integrative Internal Security Governance (IISG), which would enable effective cooperation that is required for a comprehensive approach to those challenges, accross the EU and Southeast Europe, by sharing instruments and networks to the fullest extent and to work together in a spirit of partnership.

The full declaration of the Trieste Western Balkan Summit can be found at: