The Western Balkan Border Security initiative (WBBSi) is the third pillar of the IISG (Integrative Internal Security Governance) in the Western Balkans; an effort to respond to the threats to border integrity of the Western Balkan region by merging the efforts of all relevant security actors, EU and international donors of external assistance in this area of policy – in an efficient and sustainable manner. It builds upon the needs and priorities identified together with the Western Balkan countries as well as external assistance providers, aiming to achieve the highest possible level of regional ownership.


The IISG (Integrative Internal Security Governance) is a new approach to internal security governance capacity-building and reform introduced in the Western Balkan region.The concept enables a coordinated, aligned and sustainable effort in the major fields of internal security governance reform on part of the EU and all relevant international donors of external assistance.

A three-pillar structure is coordinated by a supporting mechanism (IISG Support Group) hosted by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) – Office Ljubljana.The IISG was endorsed by the Council of the EU in late 2016, and officially launched by the ministers of interior/security of the Western Balkan countries in September 2017.

The three pillars of the IISG are: